About Us


The Sustainable Backyard Tour began as a simple 6-yard tour of chicken coops in the neighborhood surrounding Home Eco in 2010. In 2011, the owners of Home Eco and Isabee’s worked together to create the First Annual Sustainable Backyard Tour, featuring 30 yards throughout the city and county showcasing a variety of elements, from organic vegetable gardening to goats. In 2012, with the help of some amazing volunteers, the tour expanded to include 54 stops and some 1300 registered guests. The tour has received great support from the community and the public every year since!

While we strive to have at least a few yards within walking or biking distance of each other, our host yards stretch across the metropolitan area. People everywhere are waking up to healthy, abundant backyards, and it’s easier to get started on your own eco adventure when you see examples close to home, that share the same microclimate, resources, and ordinances.


A Sustainable Backyard converts unproductive, high-maintenance lawn and pavement into something more useful and restorative―both to the earth itself and the human spirit.

A sustainable backyard offers the opportunity to provide food for our families, wildlife habitat, relaxation and visual appeal, all while minimizing impacts on the environment and the communities in which we live.

Sustainability is about a way of life that has the capacity to endure. Unsustainable doesn’t mean just environmentally irresponsible, it means unable to go on without eventually running out–of healthy land, of water, of food, of clean air. Our fossil-fuel dependent way of life, particularly our industrial food system, can not continue forever. The sustainability movement addresses what we do instead.

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